The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts Youth Club - national historical fencing club for kids

Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure & Knowledge - links to all things Medieval or Renaissance, arranged by topic & categorized alphabetically

The Directorie of Renaissance Faires - calendar of renaissance events, Who's Who of guilds, clans, reenactment groups, craftsmen, merchants, and acts, market place, and much more.

Ooshirts - an interesting collection of fashion through time. This link submitted to RenToys by Mia as part of her 5th Grade Medieval Timas & Culture research. Thanks Mia!

Other Interesting Links

Arizona Renaissance Festival

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Dona Ana Arts Council Renaissance Arts Faire

Farmington Renaissance Faire

Santa Fe Renaissance Faire

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Carolina Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Faires We Call Home