Our helmets are available in one size only. They fit up to a child/medium adult size. For reference, the Great Helm fits my 9-year-old perfectly, however, I've made it work for my 5-year-old twins by adding foam padding to the top of the helmet so the eye holes line up properly.

The Sallet is our smallest helmet and I would recommend it for our smaller warriors. The Kettle Hat is the largest of our helmets and will be wearable by most adults.

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Dog Face Bascinets were worn mostly by mounted knights.  The movable visor allowed the wearer to see the field of battle and to cool off.  The were also used in jousting.

Dog Face Basinet

Sallets  The sallet took many forms but  was notable for the design to protect the back of the wearers neck.  The area in front of the mouth and neck was open but often protected by an additional gorget.


Great helms covered the head and face fully. They often had mail, (chainmail) attached to protect the neck. These got quite hot in warm weather. Archeologists have determined that many died of heat exhaustion rather than wounds in medieval battles.

Great Helm

The Kettle Hat was very common throughout the middle ages and the renaissance. It then had considerable use during WWI & WWII. The Roman Gladiators also known to have used this style of helmet. They had a wide brim to protect the wearer from projectiles thrown or shot from above and to protect from weapon blows from above as might come from a mounted soldier.

Kettle Hat

We have excellent, historically accurate helmets designed and made by our friend Jerzy Bierlo in Poland. Our helmets are made of a very durable recycled plastic and painted using environmentally friendly paint. The helmets have a realistic appearance, but they are not designed to protect our young warriors from real blows.

Note: as each helmet is hand painted, each will have a slightly different color.